The biggest in Poland

The turn of the year 2006/2007 was a time of a very intensive cooperation between Tyskie Brewery, which belongs to Kompania Piwowarska SA, and Euro-PAN, GEA Tuchenhagen, GEA Huppmann and Holvrieka.
Partnerships were already established at the beginning of the 90s, when the production capacity of the brewery was amounting at approx. 780,000 hectolitres per year. Back then this was a lot, the brewery was one of the largest in Poland. Ever since it continuously increasing its productivity, efficiency and production quality year by year. The company Huppmann was responsible for malt reception until its exit from the brewhouse, Tuchenhagen for all processes from fermentation to intermediate tanks before bottling and Holvrieka for the fermentation and lagering tanks.

Everything is obviously fully integrated and automated. These solutions as well as the equipment delivered represent the highest level on a global scale. In combination with carefully restored, historic buildings and spaces, impeccable cleanliness and aesthetics of the environment the new brewery puts in awe many visiting brewers from around the world. It particularly surprises German brewers who were convinced to date that they are the ones operating very modern and efficient systems.

In 2006 Kompania Piwowarska decided to increase its production capacity in Tyskie Brewery to 8 million hectolitres per year. However, a potential raise of capacities up to 10-15 million hectolitres was designated in the planning and design process. Construction work began in summer, and assembly in autumn 2006. In spring 2007 the new production lines were launched.

The scope of Humpann’s contribution to this project includes 8 malt silos, each with a capacity of 120 tons and a new brewhouse with an output of 12 brews per day. The brewhouse was equipped with a steeping conditioned milling concept “Millstar” and the newest filtration tan “Lauterstar” with energy recovery and a heat accumulator. The brewhouse and all malt transports are fully automated and integrated into the other production processes.

In the mean time Holvrieka set up 20 production tanks built from elements shipped from the Netherlands. Fermentation was enlarged by 12 fermentation tanks with a capacity of 5,600 hectolitres and a lagering of 8 tanks with a capacity of 5,000 hectolitres each.The additional hectolitres of wort need to be changed into beer and then forwarded to bottling. Tuchenhagen took care of this, just like in the years before, installing a complete technological line from the brewhouse to bottling. The job was not only done by supplying and installing new production units. Complex additions and modifications of the existing elements were conducted, with the goal of reaching maximum flexibility and production efficiency.

The whole construction is fully automated and integrated in other processes. For the second time in Poland, after its application in Bialystok Browar (initiation in year 2006), the innovative piping system Eco-Matrix was installed. This system, patented worldwide by GEA-Tuchenhagen, guarantees the presently best product control and low investment and operating costs.

This success would not have been possible without the professional cooperation of the brewery’s employees, suppliers and Polish assembly firms. Importantly, such a huge investment didn’t change the historic look of the Ksiazecy Brewery. The new buildings are blending with the old brewery houses. The execution time of this project was record-breaking, as usual in Poland. The cooperation continues. Kompania Piwowarska decided on further steps of development. The assembly crews of Tuchenhagen and Holvrieka appeared again in Tychy in autumn 2007.

Today, Tyskie Brewery is the biggest brewery in Poland, the biggest brewery of SABMiller in Europe, and tomorrow …