Euro-PAN / Banss – a world leader in the production of systems used for slaughtering pigs, cattle, sheep etc. We provide modern slaughter technologies - complete systems or individual machines. We offer any available methods of stunning, scalding, dehairing, skinning with electrostimulation, etc.

The most recent achievement is the electric stunning and bleeding box for cattle. Electrical stunning is a method well known in the world but it is the least widespread in Europe.  The new Banss box not only enables very effective stunning but also bleeding within the box, still before hanging, with the possibility of obtaining food-grade blood. In the attachment, we present findings of  the German Institute for Meat Research in Kulmbach on the quality of beef obtained by means of traditional and electrical stunning.

Banns offers slaughtering systems with the capacity ranging from 60 to over 1000 pigs/h and 10 to over 70 heads/h. The newest pig slaughtering line in Poland equipped completely by Banns is Pini Polonia in Kutno with slaughtering capacity of 1000 pigs/h. In 2011 the Sokołów S.A. plant in Tarnów bought the newest cattle slaughtering system with the capacity of 60 heads/h.

Within the scope of pig CO2 stunning we can also offer Euro-PAN / Banss Wels machines with traditional or specially designed stress-free handling system (automated on demand) with the capacity of 60 to 1000 pigs/h.