GEA Diessel

GEA Brewery Systems is the global leading specialist in brewing technology. Competencies in manufacturing of processing technologies are gained continuously since 1874.

We design and carry out projects of both complete breweries and chosen production areas in close cooperation with customers all over the word. Our customer base consists of the biggest producers worldwide and regional breweries as well as craft breweries. This allows us to gain experience and continuously improve the technical solutions. The vast majority of production capacities of Polish the brewing industry is based on the supply by and know-how from GEA. Our customers are market leaders.

The smallest, innovative brewhouse in our delivery program is CRAFT-STAR with a cast out from 25 up to 40hl of hot wort (up to 5 brews per 24h). Another modular brewhouse COMPACT-STAR allows to cast out from 40 up to 115hl at the capacity of 5 brews per 24h as a starting model. The brewhouse is prepared for a simple extension. By adding extra vessels it is possible to increase its capacity up to 7,9 and 12 brews per day. The largest GEA brewhouses have cast outs of more than 1000hl (in Poland there are two installations with a cast out of 1100hl).

Technical and technological solutions from GEA, from malt milling to the finished product, represent the current standards of efficiency and hygienic safety.