About Us

We work in cooperation with international partners. Our line of business is consultancy, planning and sale of machinery, equipment and complete production lines. Furthermore, we are working with foreign companies and investors who are planning or undertaking investments and trade cooperations in Poland and the European Union. We work closely with the brewing, beverages and juices, meat, dairy and fat, plastics as well as the electrotechnical industry.

We know how important it is for our customers to increase market share, deploy new technologies and introduce new products. We help them avoid mistakes in difficult processes. We have the knowledge and experience gained through years of investments in Poland and abroad. We work methodically and effectively. We offer progress in place of traditional solutions, innovation instead of the familiar patterns, the strongest involvement instead of mediocrity. Customers and their special needs are the starting point of our business. Euro-PAN, in cooperation with partners, makes sure that the effort they put into construction, extension or modernization of their business is rewarded with success.

It is the philosophy of our company to pursue the following aspects: financing, designing, manufacturing, which is everything a good investor needs. Taking care of the interests of our customers covers a wide range of activities. Experienced specialists at our office develop customized designs and commercial offers matching your needs. We also provide service and spare parts.

Many manufacturers in Poland and international investors rely on Euro-PAN and its suppliers, entrusting us with investments in their facilities.

For everyone choosing our assistance we ensure continuous and reliable cooperation in carrying out investments resulting in the customer’s success. It is our mission to help them achieve their market success. You are welcome to reach out to us directly. The better we get to know your needs the sooner we can offer an accurate solution, corresponding to your requirements. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Mieczysław Pankiewicz