14-15 May 2013 - 60 years of OYSTAR Hassia

We invite you to visit, learn more about our offer and discuss with us innovations of food packaging business. We will present you a full range of solutions offered by companies belonging to the OYSTAR Group. Our customers can expect being always presented with leading solutions that are ahead of those generally applied in the packaging business for dairy and food products.

During the Open Days you will be able to listen to lectures on industry packaging machinery delivered by outstanding experts, as well as get first-hand information from our professionals on current trends and developments in the packaging technology. Lectures will be lead by a strong personality from Sweden - Mrs. Tina Thorner. As one of the world's best pilots in motor racing, Ms. Thorner will give us insights on motorsport during an exciting lecture titled "What makes a winning team."

During the Open Days you will be able to learn about the latest developments applied in our packaging machines presented "live" in our production halls. The end of our "Information Day" will be held under the theme: Welcome on board - around the world with the OYSTAR group. We expect you and invite you to participate in our OYSTAR Packaging Open Days!