Marel Meat

Within the scope of cutting systems we offer modern installations by Euro-PAN / Marel Meat. The company currently supplies cutting lines to the largest plants emerging in Spain and Denmark (including the largest slaughtering plant of Danish Crown company in Horsens, Denmark with the slaughtering and cutting capacity reaching 15,000 pigs/day).

Two new, complete meat cutting installations with the capacity of 100 tonnes per shift for pigs and 60 tonnes per shift for cattle has recently been assembled in Zakłady Mięsne Łmeat Łuków.

We have equipped a new plant of Tarczyński SA in Ujeździec Mały. It is now considered the most modern meat processing plant in Poland with the production capacity exceeding 100 tonnes per day and a professional, perfectly working finished product expedition system.

In 2010 we delivered an installation with the capacity of 40 tonnes per day for pig half carcass primary cutting, detailed cutting lines and logistic systems to Pekpol in Ostrołęka.

In 2011, in the Sokołów S.A. plant in Robakowo, we modernised ham cutting lines and the plant’s logistics, which, in return, increased the meat cutting installation capacity up to 250 pigs/h.